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DANCE!! Inspiration, Determination, Motivation...

...we instill these qualities in our dance students, which is why we are One Step Above.

Learning dance, gymnastic skills and technique, is just the beginning... it is the values of hard work, dedication and good sportsmanship that will help position your child for a lifetime of success.

Founded in 1991 by Tami Abram, One Step Above (OSA) opened its doors as an organization dedicated to teaching the art of dance while supporting and encouraging discipline and self-confidence in children and teens. Now more than 20 years strong, OSA has educated 1000's of students at their Bloomington, Indiana dance studio. Many of which have gone into dance and the performing arts including Broadway musicals, Disney, NBA/ NFL cheer and dance teams just to name a few. Those who choose for a different career path than dance, will be much more prepared for the "real-world" through direct participation in the social and team atmosphere at OSA; as well as, the health benefits inherent to dance, gymnastics, and body movement.

For Recreational Dance  - Musical Theatre  - Tumbling/ Gymnastics and Competitive Dance OSA is a nationaly recognized and award winning dance studio in the dance circuit!

Call (812) 339-5365 to learn more or arrange a time for you and your child or teen to check out our studio.

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